How Tall Is A First Grader?
This project is open to first grade classrooms world wide. The purpose of this project is to collaborate with other first grade classrooms, learn math, reading, and writing skills, find out about each other, and have some fun.

You can register for the project by emailing the project coordinator with your name and location.

The project coordinator will invite you to join the wiki for How Tall Is A First Grader. You will receive an email from wikispaces. Click on the link provided and it will take you to a window inviting you to join wikispaces. All you need to do is choose a user name and password, fill out the form, click join the space, and you will be a member of the wiki. Once you are a member, you can add information to our pages. On your first visit after you sign in, click on the

Get To Know Us page on the left, and add your information. This is our fourth year with with project so we are still learning. You can look at our past data by clicking the links under Archive on the left.

Click on the Instructions link on the left to see the specific details of the project.

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Project Dates:
  • September 2011 Project Registration Opens
  • October 1, 2011 ~ May 1, 2012 Your classes can work on the Math, Reading, & Writing Connections
  • November 2011 ~ Measure your 1st graders and email the project coordinator your graph.
  • April 2012 ~ Measure your 1st graders for the 2nd time and email the project coordinator your graph.
  • May 2012 Project Data Posted